Here at Tri-Cities Chiropractic, we love having new patients! Whether you find us though a friend or online, we always welcome new faces.

We strive to give our patients the very best chiropractic care available. It is always our goal to improve your life through chiropractic.

We want you to enjoy your time seeing us. You will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable Chiropractic Assistant. Your chiropractic needs will be taken care of by our compassionate chiropractor and our support staff.

We strive to keep our practice clean and fresh smelling all of the time. Our aim is to offer you a calm and relaxing environment so you can heal properly.

When visiting us, you should expect nothing but the absolute best. That is our goal. We appreciate your business and truly look forward to serving you in the future.

If you have any questions regarding our services or your first visit, contact us today at (607) 786-3294.

Your first visit to Tri-Cities Chiropractic establishes a vital foundation for our relationship with you. During the first visit, we make sure to obtain important background information, like your medical history, and give you time to get to know the doctor.

Being well-prepared for your appointment will ensure that the doctor has all of the needed information to provide the best possible care for you. It also will help relieve any unnecessary anxiety you may be feeling. We will mail you the new patient forms in advance of yourappointment please have all pages completed before your appointment.Your first visit will include a physical exam by the chiropractor, that will involve palpation, or use of the hands, to explore the alignment of your spine and other structures, as well as provide information on any stimuli that may cause pain. Depending on your condition, a series of digital diagnostic X-rays may follow in office.

On your second visit, you will receive a personalized review of your exam findings. The doctor will review your test results with you and answer any questions you may have. If we are able to accept your case, you will receive recommendations to achieve your health goals. Once all of your questions have been answered to your satisfaction, you will receive your first adjustment on this day.

Future visits in the office will be focused on the reduction and correction of your subluxations and therefore will not consume very much time. Periodically we will perform nerve system studies to evaluate your progress and see how your spine is correcting and stabilizing. We will do all we can to get you to wellness care as quickly as possible.